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Tuscany has two airports, Galileo Galilei international airport of Pisa and airport Amerigo Vespucci of Florence. The airports are small and calm and have good bus connections to the center of the cities and other cities in Tuscany. The nearest non-tuscan airport is Bologna airport, Guglielmo Marconi, where you can take direkt buses to Florence.


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Transport connections to and from the airport



Pisa airport

From Pisa airport there are direct buses to Pisa

central, Florence, Lucca, Viareggio/Pietrasanta

and Siena. You can also take the train to these cities from Pisa central station (about 25 minutes

walk, 5-10 minutes by bus/taxi or 5 min by shuttle with Pisa Mover from the airport). Click here for more information about the italian train system.

If you come late in the evening and the public transportation has stopped going you will find taxi cabs just outside the airport. A taxi to Lucca costs € 60 - € 80.




Florence airport

From Florence airport there are direct buses to Florence central, Prato and Siena.

There are also direct buses between Florence airport and Pisa airport. Even here you will find taxi cabs outside the airport if you come late in the evening.





Bologna airport

From Bologna airport there are direct buses to Florence central. The ticket can be bought on the airport (€ 20) or directly on the bus (€ 25). The price is lower for children between 5-10 years and free for children between 0-4 years.

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