A quote from an american who stayed in Lucca for the day; "I have been in Florence for five days and  in Lucca one, I wish it was the contrary.


Tuscany is one of Italy's most visited provinces where you can find the beautiful cities Florence, Pisa and Siena. Through the centuries, the beautiful landscape, the delicious italian food, the flavoursome wines and its impressive cultural treasures have attracted tourists from all over the world. Here lived and worked many of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance's greatest cultural personalities; Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.

One of the most  beautiful Tuscan cities is Lucca, which is just over 20 minutes drive from Pisa. Strangely enough, it is not particularly well known amongs tourists, although it has much charm and character. This picturesque medieval city is truly an experience for all the senses, where birdsongs are mixed with the italians eager conversation and where the smell of freshly brewed coffee and cigar are  constantly in the air.

Lucca has everything a city can offer, whether you go with your friends, family or your loved one. The narrow stone streets are lined with cozy fashion and interior  shops, delicatessens with fresh ingredients and a variety of restaurants of all kinds. Lucca, which  is a cultural city, has also  a wide selection of antique and design markets, opera performances and musical events. Behind every corner appear huge churches and bell towers from the 1000's and in the piazzas the italians gather to socialize. If you dream about Tuscany, eat good Italian food, stay in a genuine, quiet town, close to the greenery, sea and other cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca is the perfect choice.

Many are pleasantly surprised when they visit Lucca for the first time. It is difficult to understand how such a beautiful and genuine town is so little mentioned  in guide books. This is due to that  the Luccesi have chosen  not to make so much fuss about their city since they  do not want it to become a tourist attraction such as Florence and Pisa. They simply want to preserve the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that exists in Lucca.

Lucca - the city that  offers everything

 Lucca has a 4.2 km long city wall which surrounds the city and provides a perfect combination between city and greenery. The wall is unique because it is one of  few city walls in Italy  preserved in complete condition. Its oldest parts date from Roman times, 200  BC, but it was later rebuilt and completed in the 1600s. At that time the purpose was to use it  to defend the city, but today it is used  as walking and jogging paths. Around the wall there are beautiful tree-lined avenues and several large parks where it is perfect to have a picnic, read or just enjoy the beautiful view of Lucca's medieval towers and churches.

Lucca is also, in principle, free from traffic. It is only those with special permits, like taxis and residents, which are allowed to drive inside the walls. However, if you are visiting the city by car you will find parking spaces right outside the wall (debit / free parking) and paid parking just inside (for a small fee).

Lucca has around twenty churches inside the wall, most of them from the Romans and the Middle Ages, and a number  of historical towers and palaces. The city has its origins back to Etruscan time, but it was not until the Romans took over in 180 BC, as the city for the first time was placed on the map. Romans' strong influence in the city is noticeable in the Roman grid system which the streets  and squares are made of. Another attraction is the Roman amphitheater situated right in the center.

Lucca is perfectly situated between Pisa, Florence and the resort Viareggio, and not far from other cozy villages and towns. Public transport in Italy is affordable, well-developed and maintains a high standard and car is not necessary. There is a bus station within the wall and a train station just outside. Here you find direct busses to for instance, Florence, Pisa and Viareggio.


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